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Please make sure to read and understand the following.

By using this site, and in particular by participating in a game on this site, you agree to abide by all of the following rules.


The main purpose of Mafia and LynchPool is to have fun.

Do your best to have a good time and don't do anything that prevents others from doing the same.


All site users are required to treat each other in a civil manner.

In a game of Mafia, it's normal for tensions to rise and for discussions to get heated. All users are expected to conduct themselves in the following way:

  • Do not resort to personal attacks of any kind.
  • Where possible, assume other users' arguments and criticisms are not intended as personal attacks.
  • If you believe another user has crossed a line, do not retaliate. If you feel it is appropriate to do so, politely point out to them how their words may have been taken.
  • If a player continues to be a problem in a game, report it to the moderator in your Help Thread. Unlike other threads, moderators will always read and respond to Help Threads.
  • If a user is causing problems in a Forum or Message thread, report it to me or to another Admin.
  • If you receive reasonable instructions from the moderator of a game you're playing in or from a site Admin, you are expected to follow them. If you feel like you're being treated unfairly, feel free to discuss it with me.


Each game on LynchPool provides all the necessary modes of communication for that game. It is forbidden to discuss ongoing games outside of the threads provided, particularly with other players. This includes in threads for other games, in Forum or Message threads and using other media.

It can be acceptable to talk about a game with a real-life friend or family member who has no involvement in the game. Please keep these discussions away from the site (or any other place where another player might accidentally see or hear what is said). Generally, if there's zero chance of damaging the game's integrity or resulting in an unfair advantage for anyone, it's fine. If the other person is giving you specific advice or helping you try to win, it's not.

Note that this rule is in place even for games which you have no part in.

Cryptography, or any kind of code which allows you to communicate with another player without others understanding, is forbidden in Game threads.

Playing to Win

While there's no minimum standard for the quality of your play, you are expected to actively try to help your team win.

When you're playing in a game, you should post at least once every 24 hours. A generally active player will post more than this, but posting less may result in you being prodded and eventually replaced.

Avoid doing anything which you know will hurt your team's winning chances.

Do not make deals with other players to work together regardless of alignment. (For example, "Let's both join a game and not vote for each other no matter what.")

Do not use external factors (favors, gifts, other games etc) as leverage in a game. (For example, "I'll give you $10 if you don't vote for me.")


The moderator of a game is in charge of that game. Their primary role is to answer questions and resolve issues relating to players breaking the rules listed on this page. All questions, complaints etc from a player should be directed to the moderator in that player's Help Thread.

A moderator must never lie to the players or be deliberately deceptive (apart from by using deceptive mechanics such as the Godfather role). They must not try to deceive players by using confusing or misleading Alignment names or colors.

If a player fails to abide by these rules in a game, they will be dealt with at the moderator's discretion. Penalties that can be applied by a game's moderator include replacing a player out of a game, modkilling them, and ending the game. In most cases, the moderator will issue a warning before taking such action.

Serious or repeated rules violations will be dealt with by the site administration, and may include downgrading or deactivating accounts.