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The purpose of this page is provide a thorough description of how a standard game of Mafia works on this site. Any rules in the description of a game's setup take precedence over the rules on this page. For rules regarding user expectations, see Site Rules.


A game of Mafia starts with Night 0, then proceeds with Day 1, Night 1, Day 2 and so on.

If a game's setup has a Day Start, then the game starts with Day 1. If the setup is Nightless, the game starts with Day 1, then proceeds with Day 2, Day 3 and so on.

Night 0

During Night 0, all shared private threads (such as the Mafia thread) are unlocked, but no Night Actions are submitted.

Day Phases

During each Day Phase, all living players may vote to lynch another living player. Each player has one vote, and the player can change or remove it ("Unvote") freely throughout the Day Phase. A player cannot self-vote, or vote for a player who is an Innocent Child.

When the majority of living players are voting for a single player, that player is lynched, and removed from the list of living players. The next Night Phase begins.

When a Day deadline is reached without a player being lynched, there is no lynch for that Day. The next Night Phase begins.

If a game's setup has a Mandatory Lynch and a Day deadline is reached, the player with the most current votes is lynched. In case of a tie, the tied player who is listed first in the player list (and in the vote count) is lynched.

Night Phases

During each Night Phase (except Night 0), each scum team (Mafia, Werewolves etc) and each Serial Killer may submit a nightkill. Only one valid kill can be submitted for each scum team. If multiple members of the same team attempt to submit a kill, only the one listed first is valid.

Each player whose role has a Night Action may submit it each Night. If that action is to target another player, they cannot self-target or target multiple players.

All Night Actions must be submitted prior to the Night deadline, and only the last submission per action is valid.


All deadlines are at the top of the hour (UTC).

When a deadline is reached, the game will take a few minutes to update. No posts or actions can be made during this time.

When a new phase begins as the result of a deadline being reached, the next deadline is calculated from the previous deadline, with no consideration for the time taken for the game to update.

When a new phase begins as the result of some other action (such as a player being lynched), the next deadline is calculated from the top of the next hour after the action took place.