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Users with a Gold Membership or higher can create Flavors to be used in Rated or Custom games. A Flavor is a theme which enriches the setting of a game, and sometimes provides a new setting entirely. Instead of rooting out the Mafia within a Town, players may find themselves seeking the Werewolves in a Village or Aliens on a Spaceship.

A strong Flavor can provide players and spectators with more enjoyment and immersion within a game, however players should feel free to ignore the Flavor without fear of disadvantage, unless clearly stated by the Moderator.

Using Flavors

When you create a Custom setup, if you have a Gold Membership or higher, you can create one or more Flavors to go with that setup. You may choose one of your Flavors as a "default". When the page for your setup is viewed, the roles will be displayed according to the default Flavor if any. When you create a game of that setup, you may choose which Flavor, if any, to use for that game.

When you create a Flavor for a Rated setup, it needs to be approved by an admin. Possible reasons for a Flavor being rejected include:

Once you've finished a Flavor for a Rated setup, you need to inform an admin that it's ready. At their convenience, they will either approve it, or inform you why it was rejected.

Once a Flavor has been approved, you will no longer be able to view or edit it. It will enter the rotation of Flavors to be used for Rated games of that setup, so keep an eye out for your work in future games.

Creating Flavors

To get started, click on the "Flavors..." button on a setup page. For your Custom setups, you'll see a list of the Flavors you've already created. For Rated setups, you'll see list of Flavors you have created which have not yet been approved. Click "Add Flavor", and decide on a name for your new Flavor. Once you click "Save", you'll see that there are 3 types of item you can add to your Flavor.

Alignment Flavors

An Alignment Flavor is the theme of a certain alignment within a game (such as Town or Mafia. Alignment Flavor options:

Role Flavors

A Role Flavor is specific to a single role in the setup. Role Flavor options:

Flavor Texts

A Flavor Text is text to be posted in the current Day Thread, for events such as Day starts and lynches. Flavor Text options:

The following options serve to clarify the specific situation the Flavor Text is for. All are optional. A Flavor Text will only be posted if all of the below are either true or unspecified.

Inserting Text

You can insert game-specific text, such as the name of the most recently lynched player, into your Flavor Texts. You must ensure that the below codes are entered exactly right, with curly brackets and no spaces.

The name of the Town alignment.
Town, Village
The plural name of the Town alignment.
Town, Villagers
The name of the Mafia alignment.
Mafia, Alien
The plural name of the Mafia alignment.
Mafia, Aliens
The name of the Werewolf alignment.
The plural name of the Werewolf alignment.
A randomly selected living player.
A randomly selected player.
The first living player in the player list.
The first player in the original player list.
A randomly selected living Innocent Child.
A randomly selected Innocent Child.
The first living Innocent Child in the player list.
The first Innocent Child in the original player list.
The player most recently lynched.
The first player lynched.
The player most recently vengekilled.
The first player vengekilled.
The player who most recently hammered (for a Lynch or No-Lynch).
The moderator.
The co-moderator.