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Pick Your Poison is a a Mafia setup for 13 players, designed by JDodge.


3 Mafia GoonsNo special role.
10 TownRole not specified.

During Night 0, the Mafia Team selects 3 of the following modifications.

Innocent ChildAlignment is publicly known.

Town TrackerInvestigates who other players target.

Town 1-Shot CopInvestigates other players as Innocent or Guilty.

Town JailkeeperProtects and roleblocks other players.

Town 2-Shot VigilanteKills other players.

No player will receive more than one role modification. Each player who receives none will be assigned a Vanilla role.


Each Day lasts up to 48 hours.

Night 0 lasts 24 hours. Each other Night lasts 48 hours.

Optional Exile: When a Day deadline is reached, no exile occurs. Players may vote for no exile.

The Mafia may vote to select the modifications. Members may choose not to vote, but if they vote it must be for exactly 3 options. Any ties are broken by the order the modifications are listed in. If no votes are cast, the first three options are chosen.

The Innocent Child is "Activated"; they are not revealed at the start of the game, but can choose to be revealed at any time (if they choose this during the Night, it will happen at the start of the next Day).


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