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#0 - 19 March 2019, 5:23 am
Welcome to LynchPool Beta!

This is a test website for playing Forum Mafia. Games are run by the site, so there is no need for a moderator, except to answer questions, settle civility disputes etc.

Once you've created your account, I would recommend heading to your profile page by clicking on your username in the top navbar. From there you can upload an avatar and select your timezone and preferred pronoun.

To sign up to play a game, go to the "Games" section. You will see that there are currently three setups available to play. Tiny Mafia and Mini Mafia are primarily for testing purposes, while Less Pressure is a setup I've enjoyed playing in the past. All of them are Blitz games - each Day phase lasts 48 hours and there are no Night phases. I plan to introduce a couple of longer setups in the coming weeks.

I will be either moderating or playing in every game, so I'll be there to answer any questions you have. I think the interface is fairly intuitive.

If you come across any errors or issues during an ongoing game, please report them to me in your Help Thread. If I'm playing in the game, you can either report it in the active Day Thread, or wait until the game is over. For other issues or feedback, please head to the relevant section of the Forum. Please note that this is my first project of this kind and I'm very much still learning. Please bear with me as necessary.

If you have trouble creating your account or contacting me through the site, or if you would like to request a Beta Key, feel free to contact me at Please note that I am only offering keys to experienced Forum Mafia players.

There are currently no listed rules, but experienced players should know what is expected regarding civility, external communication etc. When in doubt, just ask.

Lastly, please be reminded that this site is for testing. While I'm not going to go around deleting things without reason, please don't get too attached to anything on this site: your games, discussions, records or even your account.

Thanks for helping!
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#1 - 21 March 2019, 5:51 pm
I'm ready to Beta-test this website's face off.