New Text Editor

We have a new text editor for posting, and I think it's pretty snazzy! :):angel:<3:alien::ninja::D

A few things to note:
  1. Ctrl-B, -I and -U work.
  2. Ctrl-Z and -Y work for undoing and redoing.
  3. Emojis work just by typing. So just type : and ) for :)
  4. I've not implemented a few options (such as centre- and right-align) that I didn't think were that important. I might implement them at some point.
  5. Images and videos are disabled for game threads. 
    • This includes all game threads including Spectator/Aftermath etc.  I can change it to only Day threads etc if people want.
    • Let me know if there are more options that should be disabled for game threads.
  6. Be careful when for example adding an image. If you press enter to insert, it will instead post.

A few things need improving:
  1. Tables, code and quotes probably need improving. Code and quotes look different while editing than after posting.
  2. Date and time would be great if they took account of users' timezones. I'll look into that at some point.
  3. I'll probably look at changing the order of the buttons so that the more important ones come first.

I haven't really done any customisation to it, so let me know if there are more formatting options, emojis etc that you want added. Also feel free to play around with different combinations and try to break it.

Wednesday 19 June 2019, 5:01 am by Jim | Discuss