Custom Games / Memberships

Custom Games are (hopefully) ready for testing!

As Custom Games are linked to memberships, now is a good time to explain how they currently work. There are a number of different membership levels:

Free Member: Can participate in Rated Games. Bronze Member ($2.00 USD): Can participate in Custom Games (and Events later). Silver Member ($5.00 USD): Can create Custom setups and moderate up to 1 at a time. Gold Member ($10.00 USD): Can moderate up to 2 Custom Games at a time, and use custom teams, flavour etc (not yet implemented). Platinum Member ($20.00 USD): Can moderate up to 3 Custom Games at a time.

All prices are per year, or part thereof, expiring on 1 Feb each year. The benefits stack if that's not obvious. Let me know what you think. I think (and hope) that the prices are pretty cheap (if not for what the site offers currently, then for what it will sooner or later), and that $2 or $5 per year is not a prohibitive amount for those that what to get involved. I also think that Rated Games provide a pretty good free experience.

For now, while I'd love to get some help keeping the site running financially (it's not a huge cost, but it's still a monthly cost), your participation is still far more valuable. I have upgraded everyone who participated in Matrix6 #1 or 2d3 #1 to Silver, and everyone else to Bronze. If you'd like to contribute financially in exchange for a large amount of gratitude, you are more than welcome to upgrade further here: Otherwise, if you want your account upgraded further (and will use the benefits of that upgrade), just let me know.

Now, on to how Custom Games work. You can access the Custom Games page through the Games page. For those with a Silver+ membership, you can click through to My Setups and Create Setup. You can add roles directly, as well as one or more matrices. I hope just by playing around with it it will make sense. Once you're done, click "Confirm", and then you will be able to "Create Game". It will then show up in a list on the Custom Games page, and people can sign up for it. Once you have enough players and are ready to go, you can click "Ready" and the game will start at the top of the next hour.

So, go nuts messing around and testing. It's probably best to add me as a co-moderator to each Custom Game for a while.

Also, there's not a huge amount of roles and options for setups at the moment, and adding more will be my next priority.

May 6, 2019, 4:47 a.m. by Jim | Discuss